St. Lawrence University
A man dressed in a black top hat and tuxedo with a tail smoking a large cigar. On his coat pocket reads, "Association Of The Spanish Bank," showing that he represents the Banks. He has a tan sack draped over his left shoulder with the euro symbol on it. The sack appears pretty full. The man is reaching forward towards the man infront of him who is sitting at a computer station talking with a customer. The Spanish Bank man is robbing the employee from behind, stealing his wallet out of his pocket.
The sticker shows a sketch of the profile of a young girl with a thought bubble coming from her head. Inside the bubble is where the all of the text is place. On the bottom right of the sticker is the symbol for the organization Liga Estudantil Galega.
A black and white sticker of a man in overalls chained down by a sign saying, "our problem is obedience."
This red and white sticker captures the attention of the audience with the word "no," taking up the most space. Below the word "no" the rest of the text appears below, types as if it were on lined paper. In the right corner appears the logo for Juventudes Socialistas de España (JSE), a fist in a star.