St. Lawrence University
Dog in hot dog bun


Yo no me como a mis amig@s. Por una comida sin crueldad. ¿Por qué alguien querría comerse a su mejor amig@? VEGANISMO
I do not eat my friends. For a meal without cruelty. Why would anyone want to eat their good friend? Veganism.

Black and white photo of a hot dog, but rather than processed meat between the roll, a domesticated dog sits on its side. By using an animal commonly referenced as a “man’s best friend,” the sticker argues that eating all animals is just as wrong as it would be to eat a pet dog, something socially unacceptable in western culture. Though hot dogs are not made using real dogs, the sticker asks people to think about the life behind the meat they consume. “Víctimas del progreso-Crímes de Estado” is not an official organization, but rather a phrase common among Spanish anarchists. The red logo with the A within a circle indicates anarchist ideologies.

Madrid, Spain
Maddie Pounder, St. Lawrence University Class of 2021
Publication Date: 
July 3, 2020


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