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Muay Thai Real Fight



Found at Tha Pae Gate, Chiang Mai, Thailand, this flyer advertises “Big Fights” at an “International Boxing Stadium” which, if one visits the website, seems to be more like a transformed bar space. Muay Thai, also known as “the Art of Eight Limbs,” is a combat boxing sport and Thailand’s national sport. Three languages are used on the flyer: English for the majority of the text and a little Thai and Chinese at top and bottom. The prominence of English speaks to the tourism industry and the effect globalization has had on Chiang Mai and Thailand in general; money making opportunities (and scams) are geared towards the large flow of Western and Chinese tourists. Also advertised are “Free Wifi Inside” and a “Free Welcome Drink.” “Cheap” and “VIP” tickets correspond to a price difference of 200 Thai Bhat, or roughly six U.S. dollars, playing on Thai cultural values of “high-so” and “low-so,” or “high society” and “low society” distinctions of race and class.


Sean Morrissey ’16 catalogued this item and created an online mini-exhibition as part of a Weaving the Streets project at St. Lawrence University. Funding support was provided by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the University entitled Crossing Boundaries: Re-Envisioning the Humanities in the 21st Century.

Chiang Mai, Thailand


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