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Mistreated cat


Una horrible realidad
Animal experimentation. A horrible reality.

Black and white photo of a domesticated cat being used in a neurological study with the words, written in red, “animal experimentation, a horrible reality.” Together, the words and image call attention to the poor living conditions and maltreatment of animals in laboratory settings. Cats are used in three types of medical studies: neurological, vision and hearing, and certain immunodeficiencies. Common household pets are highly intelligent, making them optimum candidates for this type of medical research. However, in laboratory settings, cats live in confined spaces with little stimulants. Consequently, they suffer from boredom, fearfulness, and in some cases, self-mutilation. In addition, the nature of the experiments can result in cat deaths. The photo shows the type of mutilation that cats are subjected to as participants in medical studies. Animals cannot choose whether they are experimented upon, or if they will live or die. By showing what these animals are made to endure, this sticker advocates for animal welfare and the end of animal experiments. “Víctimas del progreso-Crímes de Estado” is not an official organization, but rather a phrase common among Spanish anarchists. The red logo with the A within a circle indicates anarchist ideologies.

Madrid, Spain
Maddie Pounder, St. Lawrence University Class of 2021
Publication Date: 
July 3, 2020


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