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Caged animal


What does nature have to do with this?

Black and white photo of a caged animal with the words “what does nature have to do with this?”—revealing an element of hypocrisy within zoos and zoo habitats where humans typically view and observe animals’ “natural” behavior. Animal enclosures, though intended to mirror nature, are artificial and restrict animals in ways nature does not. The photo and text ask viewers to evaluate how zoo animals, removed from their natural environments at the expense of human entertainment, are mistreated and better left in the wild. “Pucelamelapela” is a mashup of the Spanish words: “púsela” (la puse) and “me la pela.” Combined together, it portrays a defiant and aggressive wordplay, further emphasized in the logo next to the organization’s name depicting a middle finger with a face on it. According to, “me la pela” is lingo for “you ain’t shit.”

Madrid, Spain
Maddie Pounder, St. Lawrence University Class of 2021
Publication Date: 
July 3, 2020


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